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"We believe that athletes at every level need to be empowered to enjoy their sport regardless of ability or role. We've watched too many be overwhelmed with pressure and expectations that results in an unpleasant experience. Or they reach the final decision that it's just better to quit."

This is why we started FlowX Jewelry

Flow is a state of optimal performance in which a person can experience complete focus and enjoyment in a process or activity. Our mission has 3 areas of focus:

  • Create awesome pieces of jewelry that anyone including players, parents and coaches can enjoy.
  • Spread the message that sports can have a profound effect on young athletes. This needs to be about more than just playing time and college scholarships. We should be giving these athletes the tools they need to succeed in and out of the sport. 

  • Use our brand to help provide opportunity and growth in youth athletics through our "Grow Our Games" initiative. 

Dennis Winn and Travis Brown - COFOUNDERS, FLOWX JEWELRY

Play Confident. Play Free

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